And so it begins….

It is only fair to say at the begging of this blog that this is my first experience using this kind of technology; the mere idea of keeping up with my own expectations and everyone that I’m hoping to be following my post online, is very frightening. I’ll try to be as close to the truth as I can, and hopefully this would be the starting point to a meaningful experience with this blog; I hope that you can find my experience as exiting and enriching as I’m hoping is going to be for me, and I’ll try to post as much experiences as I can to share them with you, and make you feel close to the action.

So far things have been moving pretty fast; when I received the confirmation on my acceptance on the IBM CSC program back in June, I thought that my assignment wouldn’t come before a year at best; but now, being January 4th, 2013, I’m only merely a month and some days away from departing and I’m feeling more and more exited about this opportunity that I’m being offered; I just hope that I can be in complete disposition, and Up for the challenge that I have longed since 2005 when I initially applied for this program.

For those of you that are wondering what am I going to do in Malaysia for a month, I would like to share the site for the IBM CSC program; a brief summary of this project would be : “An IBM program, designed based on the UN’s Peace Corps program, in which selected IBM employees (potential leaders and top performers) get the chance to be assigned to a emerging country to perform consulting activities to help develop non governmental organizations, small and medium business, communities and help them solve problems by volunteering”.

Here’s the link if you are interested in knowing more of this project:

February 13th is the selected date for my departure to Kuantan; days are passing by quickly, and I’m getting very anxious; I’m starting to get everything ready, from personal affairs, documents, work assigned at the office, and the prework required for CSC assignment, but sometimes it feels that there is not enough time to make to have all ready. This next month is going to be a really tough one, but I’m looking forward to work in a different space, getting to know a different culture, language, food, religion, as I’m hoping this experience will help me be more open, aware of myself and others, compassive and active.

By the end of this brief first entry, I have to say that I fell really good about blogging this whole experience from the beginning  and the fact that I’m going to be able to share with you all of my impressions, emotions and expectations; I hope to be blogging again very soon, and to keep you posted with this experience.



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