Location defined …. Kuantan

This week we have resumed our preparation calls, as we have reached the final track of our preparation before the assignment begins; although our final destination in Malaysia was already defined, just last week the ABV team (ABV is the NGO that is working with us to coordinate flights, lodging,and work assignments in-country) has confirmed to us the hotel that is going to be use as our home for the lapse of our staying in Malaysia.

For those of you wondering were me and my team are going to be posted, we have been informed that our work is going to take place in a city in the east cost called Kuantan; Kuantan is one of the biggest cities in Malaysia (3rd largest), and it is located about three hours from Kuala Lumpur by Bus (in fact we have been confirmed also that the trip from Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan is going to be made by coach), and we have been told that although it is very modern and beautiful (close the several beaches and local attractions), it’s quite a conservative community.

I’m attaching a link if you are interested to know a little more about Kuantan and it’s exact location.


As I wrote at the beginning, we have also been confirmed that IBM security in Malaysia as well as ABV has chosen the hotel i which we are going to stay during the month of our assignment; typically IBM has used a shared apartment(s) to lodge the participants, but due to the lack of available locations, a Hotel with a very central location was chosen. Here’s the link of the Hotel:


Luckily it seems that the accommodations are great, and the wifi connections is rather decent, so I’m going to be able to keep you posted on this adventure as it develops in the upcoming weeks.

So much for now; I will be writing soon to keep you updated, as we have been told that probably this Friday we will get assigned our clients and tasks in Kuantan. I will be posting more information as soon as I get this confirmation by ABV.



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