Assignment Received!!!

As promised by ABV, we received our assignments that we will carry on during our stay in Kuantan; I got a project to work with the city council of Kuantan to develop a methodology to assess the customer satisfaction levels on people that use the City Municipal Council; it basically involves creating a questionnaire to effectively measure the levels of satisfaction of users of the services provided by the council and develop an action plan to improve this levels in the future. I got assigned in this project with a coworker from IBM Canada, and three people from the IT department, the customer relations unit and the administrative unit of the City council.

Here’s is the link from the City council so you can see were is this work taking place.


I think is going to be a pretty hard challenge to work in this project, as the scope of it is very far away from my actual line of work; I hope that I can help the people of my team to get this project going as fats as possible, and improve customer satisfaction as a way to facilitate access to required services to the Kuantan community in the near future.



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