The idea of who we are

When you are not expecting it. Where you are not expecting it. Misfortune. The idea of something happening in my stay in malaysia was remote, but still yet a posibility, like anything else. Somehow you just wish deep inside that this kind of things just wait for you coming back. Today, I received bad news from back
home…. grandmother Esther just had a stroke today and I’m on the other side of world. Just this morning when I was telling people on my team about her, someone just reminded me that you only are what you are cause of the lifes and achivements of your family, and because their experiences brought on to you. I didn’t got to know my grandmother that well, but I can tell you that she was one of the strongest women that I ever knew. She took care of her children (my mom and uncle) alone and she also was a bussinesman in the time only men were managing bussines…. she also got divorced more than 40 years ago when divorce was a taboo. Many people could say that she had defects, but then again who doesn’t???.  I am who I am because of my parents, my father’s mom, but then again, my mother’s mom was a big part of my live; she showed my the importance of being strong. ready, and decided….all to be someone in today’s world.. cheers to her, and greetings…. I will see you there on the other side!!!!



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