Malay 101

A quick link of my “superb” knowledge of malay: ( I’m writing this blog out of pure memory).

Numbers:  Satu (1), dua (2), tiga (3), empat (4), lima (5)…. sembilan (9), sempuluh (10). / cannot rember 6 throught 8…..

Apa nama anda : what is your name.

Nama saya : my name is

Awas : Caution

Keluar : exit

Terima kasih : thank you

Air: water

Nasi: rice (a must know qord to live in malaysia)

Ayam: chicken  (also a must)

Goreng: fried

Dagin: beef

Ikan: fish

Masale : foreinger (personal and csc favorite).. not sure about the spelling…

Ya-tidak: yes-no

Teh ice: ice tie

Aduan: complaint

Polis: police

Bomba: fireman

Tandas: washroom (squat???)

Lelaki: men

Bas: bus

More to come…. if I remeber….



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