Satu, dua, tiga, empat

Today is monday 11th and we are very near now to our closing date for the csc assingment. Four weeks has gone by so fast, and now we have only three more days to finish our work here in Kuantan. During this weekend we have experienced a lot of different things


(beaches, batik factory, water park, night market, local food, minizoo, hiking, local temple and facing the feared durian – that by the way is not that terrible in smell) and I really think that I will miss Malaysia very much when I leave by the end of this week. I think that is a general concesus on the group that we would like the assingment to be longer, and if we were offered an additional month,


many of us would just agree to take the work. Unfortunatelly our job is almost done, and we’ll be heading home soon. I feel that altought I’ll not be able to make all that I’ve planned here (tioman island and KL) I have an understanding of this country, of the beautiful people that I have met, of the food that I’ve tried


and of the meaning of open culture. I have loved Malaysia so much, that I’m sure that I’ll be back for more earlier that late. See you later Malaysia!!! (Altought I get the feeling that you got something for my in this last few days)….




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