How to summarise

Two weeks after ending the CSC assignment. Two weeks after leaving Malaysia for the biggest adventure of my life. Leaving behind people that became friends, and friends who became family. 12 strangers that in just one month went deep in to my heart and grew in me. There are not simple words to describe the feeling of having lived this journey and what this opportunnity has ment for my at this time. Sitting right now in singapore’s airport I’m feeling overwhelmed knowing that this part of my life has passed by as kickly as it did, but happy to know now that I was up for the challenge and that this experience is going to be carved in my mind forever. I tought that CSC, Malaysia and Asia were going to be fun and interesting, but never that they were going to become such a important part of me. I learned a lot, I experienced a lot, I got to be participant of something bigger than me and I’m very gratheful for this. I leave asia feeling a better professional, a better traveler but most of all, a better man, hoping to use what I have learned in my country, in my work and in my future to be family. I have not enought words of appreciation to the people in Kuantan and the staff in MPK for their help, theachings and kindness, and the same for all Malaysia. They are trulely Asia as their logo stands. For my CSC friends, thanks for letting me learn something
for each and every one of you…. carpe diem my friends and hope that we can meet again someday…. and to Asia… wait for me… I’ll be back, you are my second home now…..



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